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CBS All Access likely to offer a limited Canadian men / August 8, 2017 [National Post]

Canadians to get another TV streaming service with launch of CBS All Access / August 8, 2017 [Financial Post]

How TV networks are adapting to millennials’ phone-first viewing habits / July 27, 2017 [Macleans]

Netflix Among Top ‘Must-Keep’ TV Brands in New SRG Report / July 13, 2017 [CableFax]

Netflix unseats Fox from top four ‘Must-keep TV’ brands rankings / July 13, 2017 [Fierce Cable]

Netflix Rises to Top Four in ‘Must Keep TV’ Rankings / July 12, 2017 [Multichannel News]

Canadian music streaming subscriptions doubled in 2016: report / April 6, 2017 [MobileSyrup]

Dove partners with Snapchat to filter out negative messaging / March 7, 2017 [Media In Canada]

Super Bowl ad recall up, but U.S. feed fared better: report / February 8, 2017 [Media In Canada]

Instagram unveils Snapchat-esque Stories ad unit / January 11, 2017 [Media In Canada]

New study shows Snapchat leads in social ‘stickiness’ / December 8, 2016 [Media In Canada]

CraveTV boosts Bell’s bottom line as Shomi pulls the plug / November 3, 2016 [Toronto Star]

Shomi hadn’t much hope with Netflix already in the living room / September 28, 2016 [CBC News]

Video-streaming service Shomi to shut down at end of November / September 26, 2016 [Globe and Mail]

Face-off: What’s the story with Instagram and Snapchat? / September 12, 2016 [Media In Canada]

Netflix Canada Is Crushing Shomi And CraveTV / June 15, 2016 [Huffington Post]

Netflix now has more than 5.2 million customers in Canada, report suggests / June 15, 2016 [CBC News]

Report says Crave and Shomi have one-seventh the Canadian subscribers Netflix does / June 14, 2016 [MobileSyrup]

Netflix lands over a million new Canadian subscribers in less than one year: report / June 13, 2016 [Financial Post]

Canada AM, a morning ritual, comes to abrupt end amid changing TV habits / June 2, 2016 [Globe and Mail]

Two years into its $5.2-billion NHL deal, did Rogers make the right call? / May 28, 2016 [Globe and Mail]

Raptors carving out space for growing basketball fandom in Canada / May 20, 2016 [Globe and Mail]

Canadian banks got slightly better deal on Apple Pay: source / May 10, 2016 [National Post]

TV broadcasters look for a happy medium to keep sports fans engaged / March 18, 2016 [Globe and Mail]

Netflix cross-border streaming: Experts doubt company can ‘stamp it out completely’ / January 17, 2016 [CBC News]

Canada’s new TV rules could erode jobs, funding, report warns / January 5, 2016 [Globe and Mail]

CES 2016: Set your smartwatch for a virtual-reality future / January 4, 2016 [CBC News]

Viewing sports on television in decline among younger fans, study finds / August 15, 2015 [Globe and Mail]

FX’s Landgraf: ‘Peak TV’ has arrived as pay-TV and OTT swamped with original content / August 10, 2015 [FierceCable]

Facebook introduces live streaming…for celebs / August 7, 2015 [Stream Daily]

Big Four broadcasters still more essential than ESPN in pay-TV bundle, survey finds / July 16, 2015 [FierceCable]

Survey: Big Four Nets Still ‘Must Keep TV’ / July 15, 2015 [NewBay Media/Multichannel News]

Comcast gets personal with new SVOD service / July 13, 2015 [Stream Daily]

Verizon to acquire AOL for $4.4 billion / May 12, 2015 [Stream Daily]

Made-in-Canada streaming services CraveTV, Shomi added to Apple TV / May 5, 2015 [Globe and Mail]

Streaming wars: How disruptors are shaking up the TV business / April 17, 2015 [Globe and Mail]

Thanks to Carter and Nash, basketball flourishing in Canada / March 20, 2015 [Fox Sports]

CRTC defends ‘viewer-centric’ decision on TV subscriptions / March 20, 2015 [Globe and Mail]

Unravelling of Zoomer deal final blow for Sun News / February 13, 2015 [Globe and Mail]

Sportonomics: Youth sports training goes high tech — and high-cost / February 5, 2015 [Toronto Star]

Bank tellers facing an even more uncertain future with next wave of technology / January 22, 2015 [Financial Post]

Why Toronto is becoming Basketball City / October 31, 2014 [Globe and Mail] raises stakes in same-day delivery service / November 5, 2014 [Globe and Mail]

The Air Up There: How Canadian basketball has grown and where it’s headed / October 28, 2014 [660 News]

Raptors more popular than Leafs? Not as far-fetched as it sounds / October 28, 2014 []

Canadian Tire plans its new digital strategy / October 9, 2014 [Globe and Mail]

Who’s ready to brawl in ‘TV everywhere’ battle? / July 7, 2014 [Stream Daily]

Wiggins leads record draft for Canadian basketball / June 27, 2014 [Bloomberg]

Which brands are most associated with youth sports? / June 18, 2014 [Marketing]

From $4 billion to 1: a by-the-numbers World Cup primer / June 12, 2014 [Globe and Mail]

Hockey the 2nd most expensive sport for kids, study finds / June 11, 2014 [City]

Soccer ranks as most popular team sport among Canadian youth according to study / June 11, 2014 [Yahoo!]

Editorial: One day soon we’ll be in the FIFA World Cup / June 11, 2014 [The Province]

Swimming the top sport among Canadian kids / June 10, 2014 [Calgary Sun]

Minor hockey now costs more than horseback riding — study / June 10, 2014 [Yahoo!]

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is building a conglomerate / May 23, 2014 [Yahoo!]

Media giants pressured as advertising agencies look to social media / May 7, 2014 [660 News]

Loblaw looks to satisfy foreign food appetite with Arz acquisition / May 6, 2014 [Globe and Mail]

Netflix set to ‘grow like crazy’ despite price increase / April 23, 2014 []

More than 80% of Canadians recall at least one Olympic sponsor: study / April 9, 2014 [Marketing Magazine]

Stealing share from Netflix? Good luck / January 29, 2014 [Marketing Magazine]

Huge Tech Flops Are The Legacy Of 2013: Peter Nowak/ December 30, 2013 [Huffington Post]

Twitter good for TV chatter, but what about ratings?/ December 11, 2013 [Marketing Magazine]

WestJet online video a nice gift for airline’s Christmas marketing/ December 10, 2013 [Globe and Mail]

TV networks that are keeping Americans from cord-cutting / October 8, 2013 [Yahoo!]

Netflix’s popularity poses a challenge to CRTC/ September 23, 2013 [Globe and Mail]

Moto X: Motorola’s first true “Google” smartphone/ August 1, 2013 [Rogers Yahoo Finance]

BlackBerry’s Q5 capitalizes on shift away from high-end devices/ July 31, 2013 [Globe and Mail]

HMV hoping for a hit with music streaming/ July 26, 2013 [Globe and Mail]

‘Big Four,’ ESPN Remain ‘Must-Keep TV’ Brands / July 7, 2013 [Multichannel News]

Will YouTube’s ‘premium content’ experiment work?/ May 7, 2013 [Toronto Star]

Google’s YouTube announces paid subscription channels including Canadian kids’ TV/ May 9, 2013 [Toronto Star]

Advertisers channel the power of YouTube’s growing audience / March 29, 2013 [Globe and Mail]

10 Insights from Studies of Binge Watchers / March 7, 2013 [Variety]

Best Buy scales back as tablets take over and Target looms/ January 31, 2013 [Globe and Mail]

Major retailers mark anniversary blitz ahead of Target invasion/ October 10, 2012 [Globe and Mail]

RIM’s latest foe: fickle youth/ June 25, 2012 [Globe and Mail]

Canadians embracing mobile banking/ April 30, 2012 [Globe and Mail]

With eye on new Canadians, Wal-Mart caters to a diverse palate/ April 16, 2012 [Globe and Mail]

Hi-tech & Heels/ March 23, 2012 [Kingston Whig-Standard]

iPhone hype has gadget geeks camping and drooling/ February 29, 2012 [Reuters UK]

The new kid in town/ February 24, 2012 []

RIM market share falls further in Q4/ February 15, 2012 [Wire Report]

Consumer electronics: The gadgets that Canadians want/ January 9, 2012 []

BMO first big bank to launch mobile payment/ September 13, 2011 [National Post]

Rogers applies to open bank/ September 6, 2011 [National Post]

HP’s tablet surrender: A sign of trouble for Apple’s rivals…/ August 19, 2011 [Globe andMail]

Visa introduces ‘digital wallet’/ May 11, 2011 [National Post]

Why not a metered Internet?/ February 07, 2011 [Globe and Mail]

Big ISPs must share blame for UBB fiasco/ February 04, 2011 [Cartt]

One year later, a look back at the iPad’s debut/ January 27, 2011 [Financial Post]

Why not a metered Internet?/ February 07, 2011 [Globe and Mail]

Big ISPs must share blame for UBB fiasco/ February 04, 2011 [Cartt]

One year later, a look back at the iPad’s debut/ January 27, 2011 [Financial Post]

Website pay wall drops Times of London readership/ November 2, 2010 [Globe and Mail]

3D TV on a slow boil/ October 22, 2010 [CBC News]

Future of television is online and on-demand / October 15, 2010 [Toronto Star]

Black’s shifts its focus to online potential / October 15, 2010 [Globe and Mail]

Content providers scramble to write the iPad’s future / May 28, 2010 [CTV News]

Wireless companies battling for untapped, young, ‘social handset’ market / May 26, 2010 [The Wire Report]

Shaw poised to control women’s TV programming / May 12, 2010 [CTV News]

High stakes in the low-frills grocery game / May 12, 2010 [Globe and Mail]

Shaw rides to CanWest rescue / February 13, 2010 [Toronto Star]

Why Shaw wants CanWest / February 12, 2010 [Globe and Mail]

SexTV to get a Female-Friendly Makeover / February 10, 2010 []

Final credits roll on Cinram’s Warner deal / February 2, 2010 [Globe and Mail]

Nearly half of Canadians thinking about the iPad / February 1, 2010 [Marketing Magazine]

Who Wants a Tablet? You Do, You Do/ January 26, 2010 [Gearlog]

CBS Displaces ABC as Top TV Brand/ January 15, 2010 [MarketingProfs]

Survey: CBS, ABC top network brands; NBC fourth/ January 8, 2010 [The Live Feed]

Tablet computing: The next iHit? / November 9, 2009 [Canadian Business]

Tune in for the broadcasters vs. cable-satellite fight / November 16, 2009 [Toronto Star]

Murdoch bets on survival without Google / November 10, 2009 [Globe and Mail]

La Senza sharpens its focus / October 30, 2009 [Globe and Mail]

Canadian carriers keeping up with congestion / September 4, 2009 [Globe and Mail]

CTV-Rogers deal for Canadian VOD market / September 2, 2009 [Hollywood Reporter]

Disney net catches Marvel’s Spider-Man and friends / August 31, 2009 [Ottawa Citizen]

DVD Still Popular with Certain Female Groups Video Business /June 19, 2009 [Video Business]

Study: Broadband Coverage (And Prices) Up /June 17, 2009 []

Hi-tech and Heels /June 13, 2009 [Winnipeg Sun]

Radio is a Sound Salvation /June 12, 2009 [Financial Post]

Mom-Gamers are Turning on Consoles /June 7, 2009 [BizReport]

What Women Want (From Their Tech Gadgets) /June 1, 2009 [Gearlog]

Top Tech Brands for Women: Apple #1 /May 28, 2009 [Marketing Vox News]

Best Buy’s made-in-Canada strategy /May 12, 2009 [Globe and Mail]

News Corp plans a la carte payments for WSJ Web /May 11, 2009 [Financial Post]

Rogers to offer Google-run phones /May 7, 2009 []

ABC-Hulu Deal a Blow to YouTube /May 3, 2009 [Television Week]

Behind the Numbers: I Want My Web TV /May 1, 2009 []

As Skype lands on iPhone, carriers worry about losing control /Mar 31, 2009 [Globe and Mail]

Onex to sell stake in Cineplex Galaxy Income Fund for $184.6 million /Mar 30, 2009 [The Canadian Press]

Pay-TV business in Canada seeing bottom line growth /Mar 26, 2009 []

Video-game streaming service could tax ISPs’ download limits /Mar 26, 2009 []

Broadcasters face uncertainty as advertising trends split profits /Mar 24, 2009 [The Canadian Press]

TV land trouble /Mar 14, 2009 [Toronto Star]

Americans Cling to Gadgets Despite Tanking Economy /Mar 10, 2009 [FOXNews]

Netbooks Offer a Chance to Challenge Windows /Mar 6, 2009 [Wired News]

Bell boosts presence in buying The Source /Mar 2, 2009 [Globe and Mail]

Fanning the Flame /Mar 1, 2009 [TVWeek]

ESPN, Discovery Are Top ‘Must-Keep’ Cable Nets /Feb 19, 2009 [Multichannel News]

Telecom in flux as economy’s woes worsen /Feb 12, 2009 []

RIM shares lose more than $6 billion /Feb 12, 2009 []

Online TV viewing on the rise, says new study /Feb 11, 2009 [Media In Canada]

Who Needs a DVR? /Jan 23, 2009 [Wall Street Journal]

Younger Americans More Likely to Use Internet TV Than DVR /Jan 22, 2009 [TVWeek]

Sony, NBCU Push CES Content /Jan 4, 2009 [TVWeek]

These are selected releases between 2003-2008. All files below are in PDF format

TV Video Hours to Match Sleep by 2013p-release-june-2008 /USA, Jun 11, 2008

Changing Face of Grocery Shopping in Toronto and Vancouver /Canada, May 20, 2008

Femma Geeks Take Charge /USA, Mar 27, 2008

Prime Time is Anytime /USA, Feb 4, 2008

HDTV Sets and Laptops Top Holiday Wish Lists /USA, Oct 10, 2007

Canadians to Spend Big on Digital for the Holidays /Canada, October 2, 2007

Multitasking Sports Viewers Engaged With Advertising /USA, June 28, 2007

3 Million Canadians Upload Video: File-Sharing Continues to Boom /Canada, June 27, 2007

Who Will Line Up for the iPhone? /USA, June 7, 2007

Americans Expect Movies at the ‘Click of a Mouse’ /USA, May 30, 2007

BlackBerry Backlash? Americans Split on ‘Always On’ Culture /USA, Feb 15, 2007

Movie File-Sharing Booming /USA, Jan 24, 2007

Huge Potential for Apple Phone /USA, Jan 2, 2007

Gay & Lesbian Community Connects with Sponsors /Canada, Aug 1, 2006

The Pink iPod – Women Drive Digital Music /USA, July 13, 2006

Diversity in Canada Study Results – Basketball Fastest Growing Sport in Canada /Canada, May 9, 2006

Diversity in Canada Study Results – Media Usage: Traditional Measurement Shortchanges Advertisers /Canada, Mar 16, 2006

Diversity in Canada Study Results – Banking: New Canadians to Boost Bank Growth /Canada, Feb 28, 2006

Diversity in Canada Study Results Coming Soon /Canada, Feb 8, 2006

African Americans And Hispanics Lead Mobile Culture /USA, Nov 29, 2005

Have 375 Tunes in My Pocket, Will Travel /USA, Sep 6, 2005

On-Demand TV Use Surges in Canada /Canada, Aug 23, 2005

Cost of NHL Lockout: 2 Million Fans /Canada, Jul 22, 2005

American public opinion is divided over peer-to-peer file sharing /Jun 21, 2005

Support for wireless number portability is widespread /Canada, Mar 2, 2005

DVDs post explosive growth /Canada, Nov 29, 2004

4 Million Canadians lead the mobility revolution /Canada, Oct 14, 2004

Consumers ready for convergence battle /Canada, Sep 1, 2004

Free downloads rebound after a short-lived decline /Canada, Jun 24, 2004

Canadians ready to embrace lower Music CD prices – Pay-Per-Song download sites have niche appeal says National Survey /Canada, Oct 29, 2003

Wal-Mart and Future Shop are Canada’s leading retailers for entertainment products /Canada, Aug 18, 2003

Digital television service tops customer satisfaction ratings /Canada, Jul 16, 2003

Youth will drive wireless growth /Canada, Jun 02, 2003

Music and movie downloads not stealing, say young Canadians /Canada, Apr 21, 2003

DVD breakthrough underscores appetite for interactive entertainment /Canada, Apr 08, 2003