Custom Projects


Quantitative Studies, Surveys

We regularly conduct studies of both the consumer and SMB markets. Our panel partners include the largest and best managed panels in North America, allowing us the flexibility to choose the very best sources for your specific project needs.

The profile of our typical projects is richly varied, however many fit within the categories outlined below:

  • New Customer Acquisition Studies
  • Loyalty & Retention
  • New Product Concept Tests
  • Advertising and DM Copy Testing
  • Multicultural/Multilingual Consumer studies
  • Conjoint and Max Diff Designs

The array of analytical techniques we employ – ranging from cluster and factor analyses to MaxDiff or Conjoint designs – is extensive and tailored to finding the answers needed for each project.

Qualitative Studies, Focus Groups

The practice lead for Qualitative, Donna Hall, holds an MBA and is a RIVA-trained moderator.

We specialize in concept testing, customer journey and experience, and exploring product usage. We also conduct extensive customer feedback groups and executive interviews along with multilingual capabilities.