Who Wants a Tablet? Everybody.

New SRG research suggests that the new Apple tablet will significantly expand Apple’s customer base and has wide appeal.

Nearly two-in-three U.S. consumers (63%) expressed interest in an Apple tablet, with 21% expressing strong interest, above the initial level of consumer interest SRG found for iPhone around the time of its release.

Profile of potential buyers reveals:

  • Male to female split is 50:50, an unusual split for most technology product introductions, which tend to skew more male how-old-are-theyand younger. Current male:female split for the iPhone is 60:40 which suggests that tablet is clearly appealing to more than one market segment.
  • Average age of a potential buyer is 34, with 58% over the age of 30. This age profile is significantly older than the early iPod buyers as well as early iPhone adopters.
  • About half (49%) of potential buyers do not own an iPhone or an iPod suggesting significant market expansion. And 75% of potential buyers already have a laptop which suggests that consumers seeing the utility of this form factor as distinct from and a regular laptop.current-wireless-carrier
  • Online and mobile video will likely be a stronger driver for tablet adoption than other media—interest in the device is strongest among those with those streaming TV online or watching movies on smaller-form factor mobile devices.
  • Over half (51%) of those interested are currently with Verizon, Sprint or T-Mobile; 33% are with AT&T.

For a full graphic profile, take a look at this (PDF link).

Technical: This information comes from Digital Life America, SRG’s independent syndicated trend study of the digital consumer, now going into its 4th year. The results are based on a comprehensive survey of 1,200 U.S. consumers aged 12 and older. To maintain an unbiased perspective, SRG (Solutions Research Group) funds its own syndicated research. For more information, contact kyigit@srgnet.com