14 million US TV homes have HDTVs, but no HD Box

hdtv1This just in… According to SRG’s annual tracking of the U.S. digital consumer and households, HD sets are now in 60 million households as of Q1 2011, representing just over 50% of the 114 million TV households.

But not all of these HD sets are being driven by a HD box. HD boxes are in 46 million households which means that about 14 million households have nice HD-capable TVs but are not using those sets to their full capabilities.

In other related metrics… DVRs are in 43 million homes and 31 million homes use cable or IPTV video-on-demand, which is about 60% of homes which have the video-on-demand capability.

The number of U.S. Internet households come in at 86 million at the end of Q1 2011, according to our estimates.