Mobile Wallet Awareness on the Rise

Awareness of being able to use smartphones to pay for products and services at point of purchase has reached critical mass among a key demo: users of mobile banking apps, which represent 36% of all Canadians smartphone users, accounting for … Continue reading

Internet Speeds, Caps Not Well Understood

Canadians do more things on the Internet more often, from playing games and streaming movies to making social media updates and downloading music. Yet even as digital devices like tablets have made Internet access more portable, increased use hasn’t had … Continue reading

AMC and PBS Top Movers in 2012 Brand Survey

The big four networks plus ESPN, Discovery, History, USA, Food Network and TNT are the top ten TV brands American consumers can’t do without, according to the latest edition of the “Must Keep TV” report from Solutions Research Group (SRG). … Continue reading

Digital Life 2012

As CES 2012 starts for another year, CBC News asked SRG to provide a summary of Canadian market trends from our Digital Life Canada Quarterly studies. The result is a comprehensive feature by Peter Nowak looking at smartphones, tablets, TVs and what … Continue reading