Wireless Subscribers Hungry For a Deal

A special research study undertaken in association with Cartt.ca shows that Canadian wireless subscribers are are seeing the big ad campaigns and know they can shop around more than they ever have – and they’ll take their business to the … Continue reading

Consumers Crack Open Wallets for Digital

2010 will be a milestone year for digital and entertainment product spending; Apple’s iPad is just the tip of the iceberg, according to our quarterly Digital Life Canada study. Some of our findings this quarter: 57% of Canadian households (7.5 … Continue reading

Dad, What’s a PVR?

More Canadians now catch their favourite TV shows online than by personal video recorders and video-on-demand combined. According to SRG’s most recent quarterly study of Canadians’ digital habits, 50% of online Canadians watched TV online at some point in the … Continue reading

Will You Buy the Apple Tablet?

We interviewed 1,000 Canadians coast to coast and asked them if they were interested in an Apple tablet device – the results are in. For a full profile (drum roll), take a look at this (PDF)

Who Wants a Tablet? Everybody.

New SRG research suggests that the new Apple tablet will significantly expand Apple’s customer base and has wide appeal. Nearly two-in-three U.S. consumers (63%) expressed interest in an Apple tablet, with 21% expressing strong interest, above the initial level of … Continue reading