Women & Digital Life… Coming Soon

As of early 2009, three out of four women and girls in the U.S. were active online and even more used wireless devices. Nearly 40 million play console games, and twice as many spend at least a few minutes daily … Continue reading

The Battlestar Galactica Factor

In November 2008 during the sweep period, we asked 1,200 viewers to tell us their “must keep TV” brands if they could keep only a limited number of channels to watch in their households. The results are becoming more interesting … Continue reading

Online TV on the Rise

Online TV is on the rise in Canada as major networks such as CTV, Global and CBC stream more of their top shows. This is according to SRG’s Q4 2008 Fast Forward Quarterly Research. 41% of online Canadians report having … Continue reading

Who Needs a DVR?

[RESEARCH RELEASE - 01/22/09] SRG’s most recent research confirms what is likely obvious to many observers – most young TV viewers are already living in a post-DVR world with much greater availability of online video both legally and also via … Continue reading

Inauguration Sets Record for Online Video

ABC News reports that “while more than a million people gathered on the National Mall to watch the historic inauguration of President Barack Obama, millions more peered at the screens of office computers and personal laptops, breaking records for views of … Continue reading

Hoops Surge in Canada

Friday’s Globe and Mail has a good article on the growth of basketball in Canada. Timothy Costigan, chair of the Bay Street Hoops tournament in Toronto, is quoted as saying:  ”I think it’s foreseeable that in this city, basketball will be more … Continue reading

Prime Time is Anytime… Coming Soon

With rising popularity of DVRs (now in over 28 million U.S. TV households) and online TV destinations like hulu.com, Prime time is indeed anytime. SRG’s new report examining how people watch TV will be out soon. Conducted during the last … Continue reading

A Quieter CES

CBC.ca has a good preview of CES 2009 here.  SRG’s take: the agenda will be dominated by the downturn and there is strong likelihood of a glut of too many new products chasing too few buyers in the next year.

Doing the iTunes Math

Apple today announced a tiered pricing structure – songs now can be had at the $0.69/$0.99/$1.29 price points. This is clearly in response to not only record company pressure but also the cold reality of the marketplace. Percentage of people … Continue reading