Syndicated Reports


Our syndicated publications are available for purchase on an  ‘off-the-shelf’ basis – contact for information on these and other available reports.

Must Keep TV 2018

mustkeeptv_2018_large (1)Based on interviews with 1,420 US consumers in April 2018, this year’s edition of the study provides brand strength rankings for 78 of America’s top network, cable and streaming brands.The study finds out which brands are “must keep” for America’s 120 million TV households and how those rankings have trended for the past 11 years. Subscribers to the study include most of the major ownership groups. Report highlights appeared in Hollywood Reporter, Media Life and Multichannel News. Read the 2018 highlights here. For more information, contact

Newcomers to Canada (New Report Now Available!)


newcomers_logo_02The growth of the Canadian market is increasingly driven by the arrival of new immigrant families building households, buying products and establishing new brand relationships. Our Newcomers to Canada syndicated report delivers a proven analysis of those who have arrived in Canada within the last 10 years. The research is based on detailed interviews with total of 1,149 newcomers conducted in June 2017. It provides a wide-ranging overview of consumer habits and preferences on banking, credit, grocery shopping, loyalty cards, wireless, sports, as well as detailed media use. Contact for more information. To read a summary, click here

Digital Life Canada

Every quarter we conduct detailed interviews with 1,000 Canadian consumers and report on the key metrics and trends related to mobile and home entertainment, including TV, video and gaming, online video and social media. On an annual basis we also produce an analysis of key market metrics comparing Canada and the U.S. for client reference. Available on a subscription basis, the study tracks back to 2006. For more, contact 

Sports Marketing Reports

Sports Marketing Reports consist of a series of studies providing an objective and comparative perspective on sports events audiences and sponsors’ return on investment for sports events and properties. Available reports include:

  • Pyeongchang Olympics Edition (2018)
  • Blue Jays Playoff Run (2016)
  • World Cup of Hockey (2016)
  • Rio Olympics Edition (2016
  • Pan Am Games & Women’s FIFA World Cup Edition (2015)
  • MLB, NHL & NBA Playoff Editions (2015)
  • Sochi Olympics Edition (2014)

Full reports are available for purchase at cost effective price points. For quick access to pricing and table of contents for the reports, please contact

Diversity in Canada

SRG has been at the forefront of understanding changing population dynamics. The baseline Diversity study was based on 3,000 interviews conducted in 9 languages including Mandarin, Cantonese and Punjabi in the largest population centres of Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver in 2006. Since then we have done 2 additional waves of research. Information on new and second generation Canadians, as well as visible minorities is provided in these reports. Topics include media use, social attitudes, as well as advertising and data on selected consumer categories. For more information, please contact

Youth Sports Reportcy_sports_small

Based on 2,371 detailed interviews with families of kids/youth in the 3-17 age group in 2014, this report provides a comprehensive overview of sports participation among Canadian youth. It includes deep dives into organized sports as well as those they participate in casually. It also captures information on: access to sports facilities, image attributes for 44 sports and physical activities, top-of-mind youth sports sponsors; and how to reach families with marketing messages. The study includes an oversample of new Canadian families to accurately capture emerging trends. For more information on how you can purchase the report, contact